Alexandrine – A poetic line using the iambic meter in 12 syllables.
My attempt:

“I loved the way your eyes looked at my love; amazed”
I have just begun understanding the meters and such, so I am sure that I have made some sort of mistake. Please feel free to point out any flaws, thank u 🙂


Acrostic Poem 1/? – “Julia”

Just when I thought I couldn’t give anymore, you proved me to be wrong

Ubiquitous, that’s what you were; I could not go without seeing you for long

Love, you see, taught me how to properly belong

Inside someone’s heart and mind, unforgotten like an old, catchy folk song

Aby, I hope I will never, for isn’t this emotion too sweet to be seen as wrong?

Note: Can I use a name for an acrostic poem? XD oh well…

Sonnet 1/? – “Hero”

Sonnet 1/? – “Hero”

Beaten and Broken, burdened heavily

The weight on his shoulders, like of Atlas

A young boy, never prepared readily

For this cruel world of chaotic madness

A weary man now, his fate decided

Resigned to being just a small play piece

Against the world, minimally guided

Just wanting for unattainable peace

Friends and foes alike, they are all strangers

Attempting to connect to a lost soul

A body trying to avoid dangers,

Building Roman walls with the hue of coal

Withdrawn and masked, a master of facade

Colored not like gold, albeit still much awed

– L

Inspiration : Harry Potter


Well I guess you could say this is my welcome post 🙂 You guys can call me L. I’ll just mostly be writing long paragraphs on topics I have a lot to say about. I love reading and writing. In fact I also have a tumblr for my reading recs and stuff. Feel free to view it. Let’s become great pals everyone! Thanks~
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